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Smarter software made for Independent Telecom Dealers to help simplify a complicated industry


Smart, Simple and Sleek

Take your business to the next level


SRNA has it all. She's smart and powerful. SRNA will let you manage your business from one simple system, see how your business is performing at anytime, from anywhere in the world


SRNA is super user friendly. She is designed to be as simple as possible for your whole team to enjoy using without spending weeks in training saving you time and money


SRNA user interface is simple, smart and sleek. Designed to flow seamlessly on your PC, tablet or smartphone. Running a business never looked so good

SRNA Features

SRNA was developed based on the real day to day struggles of telco, making it the ultimate POS for telco retailers. SRNA can manage everything from live sales trackers, to team commissions, CRM, reconciliation, repair management, connections plus live reporting on just about everything and so much more

Quick & Easy Sales

Make it quick & easy for customers to shop at your store with features like contract PDF reader, special orders tracking, split payments, email invoicing, quick search and much more

Track it all

Set targets for your store or each team member individually and track your sales live with our fully integrated smart tracker

Track your IMEIs and Serials

Tracking IMEIs and serials is a necessity that’s hard to find. You can easily track your serialised stock in SRNA live at any time from when it entered your store to when it leaves and everything in between

Advanced Reporting

Advanced reporting on just about everything to help you manage and grow your business. At SRNA we have a strong belief that “if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”

Live Dashboard

View your live dashboard anytime to get a snapshot of hourly sales and connections performance from anywhere in the world

Top Security

Security is our top priority which is why we developed SRNA around all the flaws and risks involved in running a retail business giving you piece of mind to focus on the important stuff like growing your business

Telco Connections

SRNA understands telco retail. She can help you manage your connections, automatically reconcile commission payments, manage commission claims, contract compliance and all the other nitty gritty that comes with telco


No more human error, wrong items being sold out, stock variances or unnecessary claims

  • Add a connection to sale using Drag and Drop
  • Add multiple connections in one sale
  • Add APP, insurance, MPP and any other KPI's


Reach 100% compliance on all your contracts

  • Manage compliance for every connection
  • Team members automatically notified about their non-compliant connections
  • Manage commission payments for team members with non-compliant connections

Tracker and Commissions

GAMIFIED TRACKER! Just cause you're at work doesn't mean you can't have fun

  • Set targets per store and per team member
  • Create healthy competition between team members
  • Each connection has a star rating depending on its value
  • Pay user monthly commission based on set targets and achievements
  • Set commission rules


Don't spend days doing what a software can do in seconds

  • Auto reconcile your commission, insurance payment and rebates
  • Auto generate your commission claims template
  • Track your submitted claims and payments

Multi Store Support

SRNA will support you in growing your business with multi store management. You will be able to maintain products between stores, set different price points, discount rules, user access and transfer stock between your stores.

Cloud Based

SRNA is sitting in the cloud, which makes it accessible from anywhere at anytime on any device


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